Complete Outsourced IT

Your company has I.T. needs.  But does it need it’s own I.T. employees?

You may not realize it; but the landscape is shifting heavily toward increased dependency on electronic devices & software.  Technical requirements are wiggling their way into every aspect of even the smallest businesses.   At some point – you may even consider whether it is time to hire a dedicated IT member for your team.  For anything less than an enterprise-size business it may make more fiscal sense to outsource your I.T. needs to a service provider like us.

If you have become frustrated by repeated network downtime, or are struggling with end-user support, or even on-boarding new processes or applications – we can help.  Outsourcing IT tasks can be a great decision for long-term economic savings.  Instead of paying someone to sit at a desk 40 hours/week waiting for the phone to ring, it can be more cost-effective to call someone only when something breaks.

For some of our clients, we are their entire IT support team, and handle everything from new build-outs and deployments to backups and help-desk support.

Please contact us if you are interested in expanding the reliability and performance of your IT team, without an increase in headcount.

Do you charge a monthly fee?

For many of our clients, a monthly retainer fee (service contract) is the most economical option.  A consistent price helps level-load the disbursement of IT related costs throughout the year.  This allows the customer to ensure their network and equipment is always kept up to date and functional while insulating themselves from the unexpected costs of unexpected maintenance.  This fee is based on the complexity of the infrastructure and the number of devices and users to be supported.