Sleep better at night knowing you had your surveillance system designed and installed by a professional. We design  and install surveillance systems using the some of the most advanced technology available. It’s not enough to just have a few cameras; they need to work reliably and be placed strategically to provide maximum protection for your site(s). We can design, install and configure a solution that fits your needs, whether that be fending off no-good-doers’ or keeping a closer eye on your own assets.

Surveillance cameras are very much a “get what you pay for” product.  Competition continues to drive prices down but there is still an enormous difference between low and high-end cameras.  Low-end cameras that can be had online for less than $100 or camera “sets” from big-box stores like Sam’s Club & Costco will typically provide fewer mounting options, lower quality resolution, and less flexibility.  Mid-range cameras provide all of these things and tend to support open standards such as ONVIF.  High-end cameras support all of the mid-range features as well as advanced configuration options, practically unlimited mounting an security options, as well as the best resolutions available.

Cameras come in many shapes and sizes but the most common versions are bullet-style cameras.  These are usually the least expensive and most adjustable version.  Dome cameras offer a smaller and more secure package.  IR enabled cameras have night vision.  PoE enabled cameras can be powered with a single Ethernet cable in combination with a compatible switch.

Can I just use wireless cameras?

Wireless cameras have 2 major drawbacks.  They need solid WiFi connectivity and hog bandwidth on your wireless network.  They also require power, and frequent battery changes are a pain for any camera mounted out of reach.  Cameras located in hot or cold climates can expect much more frequent battery replacements as well.  For sporadic interior cameras, WiFi cameras can be a great addition to your security system.

My Alarm company offers cameras, should I use theirs?

The surveillance cameras sold with most home and business security systems are typically overly expensive and of poor quality.  The cameras are also locked to their system which increases you investment with that company.  They also will not have the flexibility or typically include installation.

Should I get a Ring doorbell camera?

Ring doorbell cameras are an excellent and inexpensive addition to any home security plan.  However, they are not a replacement for a real dedicated camera system and the video feed does not integrate well into other applications.

What is Edge Storage?

Edge storage describes a storage devices located on the camera itself.  Rather than only recording to a centrally located NVR – some footage can be saved locally to the camera itself in tandem as a backup.